This is to let you all know that the Mandolin Symposium will no longer be held yearly at UC Santa Cruz.

We'd like to thank our partner Stephen Ruffo, our incredible staff and all of the talented instructors who have helped make this annual event a true celebration of the versatility and beauty of the mandolin. We appreciate all your skills and efforts in helping us create a broad and far-reaching curriculum each year.

To our many students who have attended during the past 12 years — we thank you for passionately consuming everything we could throw at you and still wanting more. Your eagerness to learn and grow is inspiring. You made this event possible.

Hopefully we'll be able to make the Mandolin Symposium experience available to you in the future.

David Grisman and Mike Marshall

Our Instructors and Guests have included:

David Grisman and Mike Marshall

Christopher Acquavella
Carlo Aonzo
Jesse Appelman
Dave Badgade
Wayne Benson
Danilo Brito
Ashley Broder
Sam Bush
Choro Das Tres
Jesse Cobb
Mike Compton
Andy Connell
Tim Connell
Almir Côrtes
Rich DelGrosso
Jack Dwyer
Isaac Eischer
Drew Emmitt
Marla Fibish
Paul Glasse
Sharon Gilchrist
Steve Gilchrist
Sam Grisman
Tracy Grisman
Hamilton de Holanda
Paul Hostedder
Sierra Hull
John Paul Jones
Don Julin
Mike Kemnitzer
Andy Leftwich
Emory Lester
Caterina Lichtenberg
Silke Lisko and Rupert Gehrmann
David Long
Dudu Maia
Evan Marshall
Ronnie McCoury
John Monteleone
Mike Mullins
Tim O'Brien
Carlos Oliveira
Peter Ostroushko
Steve Pallazo
Jordan Ramsey
John Reischman
Brian Rice
Tom Rozum
Greg Ruby
Matt Sircely
Herschel Sizemore
Frank Solivan
Andy Statman
Jody Stecher
Adam Steffey
Eric Stein
Don Stiernberg
Chris Thile
Eric Thompson
Suzy Thompson
Steve Uccello
Colin Walker
Roland White
Tony Williamson
Radim Zenkl


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