Choro Das Tres

Choro das 3 is a Brazilian trio which was formed in 2003. Since then, the 3 sisters from the interior state of Sao Paulo, who have chosen to play instrumental music, have been recognized professionally at a level they never imagined. In spite of their young age, sisters Corina, Lia and Elisa have amassed an amazing number of major performances. In 2002 they played for a public of more than one million people during their performance at Reveillon at Paulista Avenue, a public New Years Eve Party, in Sao Paulo.

Throughout their 7-year career, the musical talent of Choro das 3 has been enjoyed by very distinguished audiences such as: president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and ministers from the Federal Supreme, the Superior Justice and the Electoral Superior Tribunals, who were very impressed and touched by their music, praising them for their work in spreading Brazilian music and culture. The girls, having been invited to perform at the Sao Paulo Governors Palace several times, have had the privilege to play for former governors Geraldo Alkimin and Jose Serra, who have publicly stated their admiration for their music.

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