David Grisman

For nearly 50 years, mandolinist, composer, bandleader, record producer David Grisman has been busy developing "dawg" music, his own blend of many stylistic influences including swing, bluegrass, latin, jazz and gypsy. In doing so, he inspired new generations of acoustic instrumentalists while establishing a niche for himself in the contemporary music world. At the Mandolin Symposium students will gain a rare opportunity to learn dawg music from its' source.

David's tonal control of the mandolin is an experience like no other, and the same is true for other elements of his style such as his trademark tremolo or arranging. Beginning and advanced students alike find he offers clear ideas for charting their own course to step by step improvement. At the daily Music Appreciation class, Dawg's enthusiasm and appreciation for diverse music forms is evident. "The symposium is great because of its diversity. We have amazing experts in all realms of mandolin playing. It's a true symposium — a forum for many different ideas and everyone has a unique approach."

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