Jody Stecher

Jody Stecher has been teaching and sharing his love for music since his days in the 1960s as a budding folklorist and influential picker in New York City's old-time and bluegrass scene. Stecher has played virtually every stringed instrument, delving deeply into traditional music forms from blues to Bahamain and even Hindustani classical. A musician of constant aesthetic integrity, Jody is regarded as one of America's leading traditional folk artists. These days, he lives in the Bay Area and enjoys singing and performing songs with his wife, Kate Brislin and the Peter Rowan bluegrass band.

At this year's Symposium, Jody will share his vast knowledge of old-time music, including a study of modes and essential techniques in specific keys using beautiful old-time tunes suited to the mandolin. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the roots of American folk music.

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