Marla Fibish

Thirty years ago, when Marla got bit by the Irish music bug, her late grandfather's mandolin was the instrument that found its way into her hands, and soon into her heart. It has been her primary instrument and partner ever since.

The mandolin is a relative newcomer to the Irish music tradition, and is still very much developing its voice and its place at the session table. Marla has found a unique way of playing with lift, drive and "nyah" – that indefinable quality that makes it sound, well, Irish.

A San Francisco native, Marla is a long-time feature of the Bay Area Irish music scene, and an unapologetic proponent of the mandolin in Irish music. She bears more than a little responsibility for the happy preponderance of mandolin players in these parts. Marla currently plays in the trio Three Mile Stone, which released its eponymous CD in March 2010 to enthusiastic response, and as a duo with the legendary Irish singer and bouzouki player Jimmy Crowley. Jimmy and Marla will be releasing a new CD in early 2011.

Marla teaches privately as well as at many music camps, including Lark Camp, California Coast Music Camp, and the upcoming 2011 Portal Irish Music Camp.

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